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RECORDING ASSOCIATESAudio Duplication/RestorationVideo DuplicationVideo to DVD/Digital ServicesCD and DVD DuplicationLocated at . . .9230 SE Clay St. Portland, OR 97216 Open Monday - Friday 10:30am to 6:00pmTelephone: 503-777-4621

Audio and Video
Restoration Services

Welcome to Recording Associates Audio and Video

Since 1969, Recording Associates has served the Pacific Northwest business and music communities with a variety of services, including:

  • Audio Duplication
  • Video Post production and editing
  • CD & DVD duplication / restoration
  • Record, cassette & reel-to-reel transfer & restoration
  • Video, film, pictures, slides to DVD/Digital Media
  • Video duplication

Recording Associates’ goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service at reasonable rates. We are here to assist you with all your Audio and Video projects.

Audio Duplication
Restoration Services

At Recording Associates, we offer audio transfer services from editing to printing on CDs and DVDs. Most jobs can have a one-day turnaround.

Call today to speak with a staff member and see what we can do for you.

Are you no longer able to listen to your old records, reel-to-reel tapes or cassettes because your equipment died? We can convert your treasured media to CDs or MP3.

Do you have any old homemade records of the kids at Christmas, your parents, or grandparents? Bring them to Recording Associates, and we can also transfer them to CD or MP3. Save those cherished voices for future generations.

At Recording Associates, we transfer/restore the following mediums:

  • Audio Cassette & Mini Cassettes to CDs (WAV or MP3) *
  • Vinyl LP Records, 33 1/3, 45’s, 78’s, & Homemade Records to CDs (WAV or MP3) *
  • 1/4 Reel to Reel Tapes to CD’s (WAV or MP3) *

* We can also transfer directly onto your Secure Digital (SD) Cards, USB Flash drive, or portable hard-drive.

We are Audio Specialists and can reduce the noise from old records, reel to reel tapes and cassettes through audio software and effects.

Audio mixer sound board.
Have old cassettes that you want to transfer to CD or a memory storage device? Call Recording Associates..
Cassettes & Mini Cassettes
Lots of CD's, we can transfer your audio to CD..
Vinyl records of all sorts can be transferred to CD.
All Types Vinyl Records
1/4" reel to reel tapes can be transferred to CD at recording Associates.
1/4" Reel to Reel Tapes

Residential and Business CD/DVD Duplication

Wanting to share your recorded memories with friends and families? Call Recording Associates today and let us assist with duplicating your CD or DVD to send to others. Recording Associates also has the ability to edit your audio/video projects if you would like to add some pizzazz.

We can also mass produce CDs & DVDs for musicians and business clients. Call us at (503) 777-4621 for a quote.

Duplication Services

  • CD and DVD Duplication
  • On Disc Printing
  • Complete Packaging Services
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Project Consultation
  • Short or Long Runs
  • Competitive Pricing *Prices are based on quantity and packaging.

Video Duplication
Video to DVD/Digital Services

Video Duplication/Restoration Services
(Digital or Computer Formats)

Recording Associates offers superior tape transfers for VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Super VHS-C, BetaMax, 3/4 (Umatic), 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV & DVcam to DVD/Digital Media.  We can also transfer video footage from SD cards, thumb drives, digital cameras, hard drives and smart phones to DVD/Digital Media.

We convert your video transfers directly to .MP4, .MOV, .AVI or any digital file type of your choice for an additional fee. 

Need a rush duplication order? Recording Associates will do its best to accommodate such requests. We are known for burning the midnight oil.

Additional services include:

  • On Disc Printing for CD’s and DVD’s
  • Complete Packaging Services


We can import your selected raw footage from the following formats:

  • MiniDV – DVcam – 3/4″  – Super VHS – Digital 8  – Hi-8 – 8mm – BetaMax – VHS 
We also provide DVD authoring services and can upload your project to Youtube.

Pictures From Video

Recording Associates can make JPEG’s from your video tape for Corporate, legal or personal needs.

Video camera recording.
VHS video tapes image.
Video Cassettes
Multiple CD's image
Flash drives, 3 different sd cards.
All Types Memory
The data from your hard drive can be transferred at Recording Associates.
Hard Drives

Film to Video Services

Film to Video Services

Are you no longer able to watch your old home movies because your projector died? Has your old film started to deteriorate? Are you looking for that perfect gift to give Mom & Dad, the Kids or the Grandkids? Let us convert your old home movies to DVD/Digital Media. Our Hi-grade transfer process brings out the best in your film at very competitive prices!

We can convert the following formats:

  • 8mm – Super 8mm (sound/silent)
  • l6mm (sound/silent)
After your film is converted to video, come into our studio and add your voice and music to the video, so future generations will know all the wonderful family stories. We also provide DVD authoring services and can upload your project to Youtube.
Image showing different sizes of 8 mm film reels.
8mm - Super 8 (sound/silent) / 16mm (sound/silent)

Pictures/Slides to Video

Video Memory Albums

Let us help you make a Video Memory Album from your Scrapbook photos! Turn your pictures, slides, old home movies and videos into a program that preserves your family history, memorializes a loved one or celebrates a family event (a birthday, wedding, anniversary, family reunion, graduation, retirement, vacation or any event you want to share with others).

Titles, music, digital assembly and your voice-over available in our post production department. We can duplicate as many DVD copies as you need for your family members. We also provide DVD authoring services and can upload your project to YouTube.

Attention Employers: A video album is a great way to commemorate a retiring employee at his or her retirement party.

If you are not interested in a Memory Album, we can transfer your pictures and slides directly onto a CD or DVD as Jpegs.

Have old 35 mm slides in a box? Have them transferred.
35mm Slides
Old photos can be transferred to a DVD at Recording Associates.

Memory Storage

Memory Storage Devices

We can assist you by downloading video & pictures files from SD Cards, USB Flash drives, Smart Phones, Digital Cameras, etc. and converting to DVD/Digital Media.

Have your storage device's data transferred at Recording Associates.
Memory Storage

How Our Company Got Started

Studio Ten was started as a part-time audio recording hobby in Jay Webster’s basement in the middle 60’s. In 1971, Jay bought a commercial building on Powell Blvd and opened Recording Associates. Recording Associates was located at 5821 SE Powell Blvd. and has since relocated as a home base business at 9230 SE Clay St, Portland, Oregon.

We have over 50 years serving the Portland market.

Bob Stoutenburg
joined as an audio partner in 1974. In 1975, Recording Associates became the first 24 channel audio studio in Oregon. Bob has been engineering audio for over 44 years.

A State Licensed Vocational School to teach sound technology was added from 1978 to 1988. A Video Department was added in 1983 to present.

Chris Webster joined as a video partner in 1986. Steve Rodgers joined the company in 2011.

Recording Associates serves Residential and Business clients

Location image of the studio of Recording Associates.
New Location - 9230 SE Clay St., Portland, OR 97216
explore the bands and artists who have recorded at Recording Associates, click the following Link:

To explore the bands and artists who have recorded at Recording Associates, click the following Link:

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MONDAY – FRIDAY: 10:30AM – 6:00PM

By Appointment Only

TEL: 503-777-4621


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